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Later after writing my blog post discussing my initial thoughts on blogging as a teacher, I went and explored various other educational blogs. After reading a variety of these education blogs and reviewing a diverse range of thoughts and ideas from others, I wanted to highlight three concepts that I learned and talk about a few education blogs that I believe are worth following and why.

One thing that I learned from exploring other education blogs is that there is a common shared passion for technology in the classroom by so many educators out there. I stumbled upon an endless amount of blogs where the main focus was centred on technology in the classroom and how it can really bring education to life. A blog that I believe is worth following and reading is Edudemic. Edudemic contains a plethora of technology news and articles. There are articles in this blog that you wouldn’t even think was important to read until after you have read it. One of my favourite things about Edudemic is that it has three categories that make it super simple to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for and wanting to learn. The site contains a “The Teachers Guides” section, and a “For Students” and “For Teachers” section. This blog is perfect for anyone that is interested in how technology can be further integrated into a classroom and wants to learn how it can be beneficial for teachers and students.

A second common concept I learned through reading other educators blogs is that successful learning occurs when it is driven by passion and students are kept at the centre. A blog I found that I believe does a brilliant job at providing information on how to keep students at the centre of learning is The Innovative Educator written by Lisa Nelson. Lisa offers an abundant amount of categories where she shares new innovative information on how to change people’s perspective on education from boring and irrelevant to invigorating and valuable. One super unique aspect of Lisa’s blog is she offers information on how to serve at-risk youth. I believe The Innovative Educator is worth following to anyone who believes in giving students opportunities to take charge of their learning and involve students in all aspects of their education.

A third concept I learned a great deal about from reading a few education blogs, but one blog in particular, is the instructional strategy known as Flipped Learning. Jon Bergmann co-founded the Flipped Learning Network and it was his blog that intrigued me to learn more about this advanced classroom strategy. Flipped learning is a blended style of learning that aims to reverse the traditional learning environment. Flipped Learning is often defined by having direct instruction move from the group learning space to the individual learning space. The resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter. Flipped Learning can be simply described as “school work at home, and home work at school.” Jon Bergmann’s goal is to simplify the methodology. His website, blog, and accompanying podcast is great for providing all the latest on what there is to know about Flipped Learning and how to achieve it. After reviewing his website and blog I knew that I had to shed light on him in this post and I want to encourage others to go and check out his blog and explore for themsleves why more educators should embrace Flipped Learning.

Of course there is a countless amount of exhilarating education blogs out there that provide valuable information on a variety of tips, techniques, strategies, and educational philosophies but these were three that are definitely on my list of “Top Education Blogs” to explore, read, and follow.



4 thoughts on “Education Blogs”

  1. Hi Richele,
    I really enjoyed your post! All of your insights and thoughts about education blogs were really interesting and honestly things that I hadn’t even thought of when writing my own blog post on this same subject.
    I found it really cool how in depth you were with your thoughts and ideas and it was evident that you took a great deal of care and effort in your completion of this post.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts,


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  2. Richele

    I really enjoyed your post. I liked how you picked three articles that were quite different. It allowed the readers to see many different topics that you are interested in. All of your article feedbacks were really detailed which was engaging. I was interested in the flipped education one, and instead of reading up on what it was, I just read your review and realized that it is something that I would be interested in.

    Do you think you will blog like Lisa’s?

    All the best blogging

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    1. Hi Brittany,

      Thank you so much for reading my post, I am glad you enjoyed it! I too am really intrigued by the Flipped Education/Classroom concept and can definitely see myself exploring that further in the future. I also do see myself hopefully incorporating aspects into my own blog that reflect and are inspired by Lisa’s blog.

      Richele Horachek


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